MySQL Visual Explain

If you are tied of reading the old “text-only” output of MySQL Explain, then you will enjoy the new MySQL Visual Explain feature of MySQL Workbench (works with MySQL 5.6+).


mysql> explain select max(DepDelayMinutes), carrier, dayofweek from ontime.ontime_2010 where dayofweek = 7 group by Carrier, dayofweek\G
*************************** 1. row [...]

Fixing data warehousing queries with group-by

With the standard data warehousing queries we have a fact table and dimension tables and we join them.
For example, the fact table (Table size: 5M rows, ~2G in size) from my previous Loose index scan vs. covered indexes in MySQL post:

CREATE TABLE `ontime_2010` (
`YearD` int(11) [...]

Converting queries with

Lets say we have a table storing mail messages and we need to show user’s mailbox: messages sent “from” and “to” the specified user.

Here is our table:

CREATE TABLE `internalmail` (
`mail_id` int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`senderaddress_id` int(10) NOT NULL,
`recipientaddress_id` int(10) NOT NULL,
`mail_timestamp` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL,
… message body, etc [...]

Speaking at MySQL Users Conference and Expo 2010

I’ll be speaking on MySQL Users Conference 2010. Talk: MySQL Architecture Design Patterns for Performance, Scalability, and Availability, 11:55am Thursday, 04/15/2010. Details.

New blog on MySQL

I’ve started my new blog on MySQL. I’ll focus on MySQL full text search, performance tuning and High Availability (HA)